Mayor de Blasio Driving Over Vision Zero

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio who self-identifies as a “motorist” said today that he is considering tearing up the pedestrian plazas in Times Square that became permanent in 2010 in order to replace them with the loud, smelly, crowded, deadly mess of the past. Of course, he didn’t say it quite like that. Apparently the Mayor and the belligerent Police Commissioner are vexed that the plazas are attracting street performers. For these men, the idea that people are interacting and performing in a public space is far more egregious than the deadly dance of humans speeding (or trying to speed) […]

Words Matter: This isn’t a Plaza, it’s a Strip Mall

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The “Crash Not Accident” Pledge reminded me of this post I wrote in 2010. Beyond misusing the word “Plaza,” I pointed out that “The difference between car accident and car crash. Car “accident” automatically removes any responsibility and accountability from a driver.” But it really isn’t JUST the driver that bears responsibility, we live in a society that is built on unsafe transportation that is practically begging for crashes to happen. According to the US Census “About 86 percent of U.S. workers commuted by automobile in 2013, down from about 88 percent in 2000.” That’s not down enough! We need […]

The End of San Francisco

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Friday morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was an article shared by one of my favorite authors, Rebecca Solnit (perpetual swoon) on the insane rent explosion in San Francisco. The astronomical cost of living in that lovely city by the Bay is no secret to anyone but just how dramatically it has increased is stunning. According to the blog Pricenomics, “Today, the median apartment for rent in San Francisco is $3,880 per month. The median studio is $2,722, and the median one bedroom is $3,452. A two bedroom now rents for $4,400 month and three bedroom goes for $5,125.” […]

Morning Motivation from Pittsburgh

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Get some motivation this fine Tuesday morning from these bossy steps in Pittsburgh. Maybe going up the stairs backwards and upside down isn’t exactly what the artist on the steps was trying to inspire, but the open ended command is means anything is possible.  Try a non-traditional approach today! Maybe this isn’t the morning to go up the stairs in a non-conventional and time-consuming manner, but take the time to look at things from a different perspective, whatever that means for you. Go upside down, go backwards, go someplace new, go someplace old, in a new way. Perhaps you’ll find a solution […]