Revolutionize the Repulsive: Public Toilets Everywhere Now!

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Pittsburgh is constantly called “Most Livable City”, but we should strive to be “Most Marvelous City”.

We need beautiful public toilets in every neighborhood

I have been thinking about this a lot, for years. I found that an automatic self-cleaning toilet was installed on the South Side of Pittsburgh. At the time (2003), it was one of only 19 in the world and was “a computerized, state-of-the-art, heated, constantly disinfected, graffiti-resistant, remotely monitored, well-lit, landscaped, wheelchair-accessible, ornamental-iron-and-brick-adorned automatic public toilet.”

I’m just a few blocks away from that right now and haven’t seen it, but even if it is there, we need more of them. We need hundreds of lovely public toilets, and we need them now.

Public bathrooms have a stigma we should crush by making them exceptional.

Our public toilets should be sparking architectural delights that spur tourism.

We should create toilets people want to photograph.

Bathrooms that are works of art.

That you long to visit again.

Revolutionize the repulsive and make the city marvelous.

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