Plan a Lunch Swap

Do you get sick of eating the same goddamn thing every day?

Annoyed to realize that you have to buy an overpriced lunch again because you just don’t have the time, interest, or motivation to make yourself yummy and healthy to bring to work every. single. day?

Plan a lunch swap.

What’s a lunch swap?

A delicious way to:

  • Save time
  • Learn new recipes and get inspired
  • Introduce variety into your diet
  • Meet new people
  • Save money

(Look, an acronym: SLIMS! The benefits to Lunch Swappin’!)


Steps to Plan a Lunch Swap with Your Friends and Neighbors

Pick a time, attendees, and place.

I recommended Sunday late afternoon, giving people time on the weekend to prepare.

If you’re just inviting friends and neighbors, maybe you can host it at your house, in your yard, or in collaboration with a nearby neighbor.

Worst Case Scenario: You plan your event outside, it rains, or no one shows up.

You STILL have already made yourself five meals and are ahead for the rest of the week.


The worst case scenario is still fucking awesome.