Lil’ About Me

Hi! I’m Lolly, I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I run a tour company in this city of bCircle Selfeautiful weirdos.

Check out my website: Lolly Pop Tour Shop for the recent and relevant as well as the historic.

On this site you’ll find mostly old writings on public space, bicycles, public transportation, and cities. I’m definitely still into all of those things but I don’t spend as much time working on them, now I’m mostly a dreamer, cheering on those working to make our cities better and more livable for all.

I’m also a breakfast advocate, morning enthusiast, bicycle rider, letter and fiction writer, wig wearer, postcard and address book designer, habanero eater.

I love wigs, costumes, brass bands, history, first dates, bicycles bright colors, flowers, laughter, habaneros, joy, cities, and trees.

Even if you haven’t liked history in the past…

Check me out!